Human Collective Community And Organizational Actions

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“We the Green Suiters are the problem. We want to do everything ourselves and not incorporate others that can help us be successful and we don’t consider everyone when we develop our plans” – Undisclosed United States Army Field Grade Officer Without planned and tested organizational and community control of emergency response mitigation, efforts can be like herding cats. Our collective community and organizational actions for response to both disasters and emergencies regardless of scope need effective and effective management. The execution of imagination using the worst imaginable scenario and walking through all of the points of failure will enable the team to plan and exercise actions for a wide variety of situations. In other works we need that General or Chief Executive Officer (CEO) as well as their staffs guiding the collective response. In the emergency management world this is the Incident Commander. That said this does not take away from the need of people showing their dedication to the cause, the community or one another, but rather assists in working though as many issues before someone has worked 48 hours straight and now has to attempt to logically think through an issue and problem solve. In Goldschmitt and Bonvino’s book entitled Medical Disaster response A Survival Guide for Hospitals in Mass Casualty Events Peter Fromm is quoted pointing out the following, “The incident Command system (ICS) is used to manage both an emergency incident and a…
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