Human Communication And Its Own Purpose

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Everyone has been in that situation that requires them to be professional but also still show their personality. It is not easy trying to balance them either. One could decide to just be strictly professional or entirely show one’s personality. In some workplaces one need’s to show clients they can always be professional. Certain workplaces have dress codes and policies of what one can or cannot wear. Trying to figure out can be hard and sometimes impossible. This paper explains the nonverbal communication with the artifacts one wears. Clothing has its own purpose and can affect one’s behavior, social status, and success. Rank and job roles can be shown by accessories such as jewelry, make-up, and smoking. Eye glasses’ frames and gestures…show more content…
The ten decisions are: economic level, educational level, trustworthiness, social position, level of sophistication, economic background, social background, educational background, level of success, and moral character (Hickson, 1989). Clothing can also communicate behavior, status, and characteristics of people.
Behavior, Status, Characteristics Studies have been done to see how clothing can affect people’s behavior, social status, and characteristics. One test conducted by Thomas Hoult showed characteristics with a photo lineup of several college-aged men. In the first test, photos were ranked with no indication to clothing. After the photos were ranked once they were divided in to groups and ranked again this time with a focus on clothing. Once all ranked the men’s heads in the photos were cut out and the heads that were ranked low were pasted on to the clothing that was ranked high. Then these photos were ranked like before. The results were the heads that had low scores and were pasted on to clothes that were ranked high got higher rankings than from their original clothing (Hickson, 1989).
The Success in Clothing Ever thought clothing could give someone success in a job? Ever thought how clothing can also give someone the impression one is successful? Let’s take a look at the clothes of a businessman. To show that one has authority, credibility, and likability one should wear a suit (Hickson, 1989). Dark colors communicate authority, but avoid black,
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