“Human Communication Is Unique. Only Human Beings Have

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“Human communication is unique. Only human beings have large vocabularies and are capable of earning new languages as a means of sharing their ideas and feelings. Communication includes language, gestures, and symbols to convey intended meaning, exchange ideas and feelings, and share significant life experiences.” (Arnold & Boggs, 2011) Being able to communicate effectively as a nurse is a vital part of the job. Exploring self-awareness, person/woman centred care and therapeutic communication, we might understand how effective communication may reduce stress, improve wellness, and improve overall quality of life. Crisp defines self-awareness as “a psychological state in which people are aware of their traits, feelings and behaviours.…show more content…
Self-awareness will also help the nurse to always respect the patient’s autonomy. Nurses have the moral responsibility to provide suitable health care, and the right to hope that the information will be used. (Arnold & Boggs, 2011) The Australian College of Nursing [ACN] believes that person-centred care means: • treating each person as an individual; • protecting a person’s dignity; • respecting a person’s rights and preferences; and • developing a therapeutic relationship between the care provider and care recipient which is built on mutual trust and understanding. (ACN, 2016) Aspects of person-centred care may include, but is not limited to: respecting the values of the patient, taking into consideration their preferences and expressed needs, ensuring they feel safe and are physically comfortable, offering them emotional support and involving their family and friends in their care. Person-centred care also requires health practitioners to step back and listen to each individual patient or family’s concern. Despite the similarities patients might have in diagnosis, each patient experiences the diagnosis differently. Research has found that person-centred care can have a big impact on the quality of care. It can: • improve the experience people have of care and help them feel more

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