Human Computer Interaction

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2. Introduction Today, computerized mechanism and ICT (information and communication technology) have a significant impact on human life process. What was on the top of the Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs is now performing a vital role in each human life. Due to the swift growth in the technology industry and hardware and software development computerized systems and machines are used on an everyday basis by almost everyone, even people from different fields which are not related to computing. Major sectors such as aviation, healthcare, banking and education adopted computer technology to improve productivity and efficiency. Interaction between human and machine occurs in user interface and the communication mode between user and a computer…show more content…
 5    The three mile island nuclear power plant disaster – In March 1979, Pennsylvania, USA , One of the most discussed issues in the early eighties, caused by poor interface design. It could have been prevented if the control panel had been designed to provide required information to the user (Preece.J, 1994). In 1990, Indian Airline 605, airbus 320 crashed and killed 98 people. Later reported: it caused by poor understanding between machine and pilots (Lee, 1992 in Preece.J, 1994). In July, 1998, Indian Ocean, Iran air flight 655 shot down by US missiles, killing 290 passengers and cabin crew. Later investigators credited “the incident to the poor design of the Aegis (an onboard computer in the warship) user interface” (McConnell.S in Wikipedia). 6 5. Conclusions From the above situations and catastrophes, it can be concluded that the human factor research and the study of HCI principals must be carried out by designers in the interface design processes to build a highly interactive system. In the future world, which is going to be controlled by the robots and machines, poor interaction and interface design may cause more disasters and uncontrollable situations to human beings. So the designers must study the human factors and environmental changes of the system usage, not only for
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