Human Computer Interface ( Hci )

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Human-Computer Interface (HCI): In the Swagger Distribution Company, the employees use Microsoft Word and Microsoft Visio on a daily basis, the human-computer interface for each of these programs is similar in design layout, basic interaction, and metaphor style. Microsoft Word is utilized for word processing interaction with image capabilities this can range from creating pamphlets to basic policies and procedures. While Microsoft Visio is utilized for visual flow charts which can describe processes with vendors or within the company, procedures, employment structure, work flow, and more. Both of these programs utilize a ribbon feature at the top which gives the end user multiple tabs which have options pertaining to the tab. For example, review is a tab on both programs that utilizes the spell check ability and a few others such as the comment ability. There are multiple metaphors on each of these programs, such as the find icon as binoculars, this is an easy way to relate an image to the word “find or search” or the paste from clipboard icon which shows a piece of paper on a clipboard. Another metaphor example, is the paint bucket which represents a color fill or shading of an area, the paint bucket easily correlates to color. One enhancement I would suggest to both programs is search option for the ribbon, making it easy to find the item the user is looking for without having to memorize the tabs as each description can be construed in various ways. Databases: The
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