Human Computer Interface ( Hci )

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With the purchase of Swagger Distribution, a company that distributes clothing and apparel by a new owner; she is looking to make some changes in the IT area of her company. Since, she does not have any IT experience and has consulted me as an IT consultant to help her regarding the matter. After careful research and evaluation of her company’s current IT infrastructure the following areas have been explored and the recommendations that follow are best suitable for the company according to what the new owner wants.
There were six main areas that was explored as part of the IT infrastructure of the company. Human-Computer Interface (HCI), Databases, Programming, Networking, Web Technologies and Information Security. As part of the HCI, a summary of the interface of the two software that the company employees use every day namely Microsoft Word and Microsoft Visio is explained. When you open MS-Word you will find within many other necessary tools to create a professional and well executed word file. All these tools are easily accessed and word maintains a very good layout of its ribbons and tools and tool tips to help you as you go along using the software application. Even better they are fully customizable as per the user’s preferences hence, giving more emphasis on the human-computer interface of the application. To start the word application you simply look for a big ‘W’ on your program’s list or the start screen if you are using Windows 8 and click on it. It lets you
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