Human Condition

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One of the reasons the movement is so difficult to define is because many of these thinkers have differing views on what the human condition is, which is at the center of the study of existentialism. Something that is found to be common between many existentialist, though, is their consistent and utter rejection to any and all systems, theories and organizational constructs that attempt to answer the question of the human condition, and give value to our existence in a comprehensive approach- whether they are based in religion, science or philosophy.
One of the most historically outstanding systems which claims to explain some core existential questions about the human condition is religion. Religion was something that filled the void of the existential question for as long as humanity has existed, and alleviate the concern of creating meaning and purpose. Existentialist thinkers have adopted the belief that following organized
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Oftentimes, constructs such as religion offer a partial experience, often such systems will see the meaning and purpose to life as somehow emanating from an alternative, objective realm, such as heaven. However; in doing so they lose sight of the perspective of what life is like for an individual living on this earth and experiencing all the fears, anxieties, hopes and disappointments that are a part of the human condition. For example, many of the mass organized religions often provide answers to many of the vexing questions of life from the perspective of an all-knowing and all-powerful God, whose word is thought to be communicated to us through prophets. However, existentialists stress that what we most need is not a divine perspective of the human condition, but a human perspective, for as Nietzsche put it we are ultimately, much to his chagrin, “human, all too
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