Human Corruption Of Human Nature

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Human Corruption in “The Lottery”
“The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson is a classic short story in U.S literature. Written in 1948, the short story has been published in multiple languages around the world. It is still a required reading in U.S today. The story was later adapted into both a TV short and a play (“Shirley Jackson’s Bio”). Jackson uses irony and symbolism in “The Lottery” to show the corruption of human nature.
The story opens up on a clear June day. It continues to describe an ominous scene where the village people are gathering and the children are collecting stones. Every year, the village has a ritual called the lottery. There is a black box containing slips of paper, and only one has a black spot. To begin, each household
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The second instance is when Mrs. Hutchinson shows up late to the lottery drawing, claiming that she forgot what day it was, and the end is one who wins the whole drawing. An elderly man in the town even brags that he has been in the lottery for seventy seven years. When the Hutchinson’s son Davy goes up to draw, he giggles (Jackson). All these examples show how desensitized the people are to killing one of their own. On top of that, the people do not even understand why the tradition of the lottery is in place, but they still follow through on it. Some of the townspeople discuss how other towns have quit the tradition of the lottery. During the event itself, people want to hurry through so that they can continue with their day. To them, it is normal and expected that they all will kill someone and move forward. It does not phase them at all. This all not only shows the desensitized component, but also how humans are creatures of habit, and once we form a habit, we follow through on it even if we do not understand why. After a habit is repeated for a while, the meaning behind it becomes lost in the ritual and is normalized.
Symbolism is another tool that Jackson uses to show how mans’ nature is distorted. The color black is used multiple times throughout the story to represent the emanate death that is to come to one individual in the town. The box that the village draws the paper from is black along with the
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