Human Culture Exploded With The Invention Of Agriculture

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Human culture exploded with the invention of agriculture approximately 10,000 years ago in the Fertile Crescent. For the first time, instead of being largely nomadic, following herds of game animals through their migrations, humanity could settle down into permanent settlements. For the first time since the dawn of man, not every waking hour revolved around food. Man finally had a large amount of leisure time, and energy to spare. This energy went into the creation of vast cities and temples, great public works of art and engineering marvels. Less than 500 years after wheat and barley were first grown by humans, we were brewing the first beers, and it was only up from there (O 'Neil). In the blink of an eye, empires rose and fell again and again: Babylon, Egypt, Rome, Greece, and countless more. As these empires grew, they spread out. This spreading out increased trade and globalization in ways never before heard of. Continents no longer connected by land became connected by people. Ships were sent off to distant lands and returned with new plants and animals, many of which became the first invasive species. With no natural predators in their new environment, these newcomers could quickly destabilize an ecosystem, and they often did. Muscles clinging to the hulls of ships could become detached in foreign ports and establish a foothold on the ocean floor, quickly decimating the native marine flora and fauna. Rats which had stowed away on the hulls of ships would sometimes…
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