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Culture Culture is a learned behaviour made up with a shared set of; values, norms and beliefs which are governed by a sense of tradition and shared history that gives us a common identity. Since human beings are virtually identical biologically, as individuals our different characteristics can be explained and expressed through our human behaviour through symbolic representation. Our perception of the World around us can also influence our culture. For example; what we perceive or interpret as good or bad reflects on our morals, values and what we are willing to accept, allow and stand up against. According to Hofsted, Culture is a ‘is the shared attitudes, beliefs, values and behaviour’ also referred to as ‘Mental Programming’ which…show more content…
The women dress conservatively covering the beauty aspects of their bodies and the men sometimes wear long dresses. The tacit characteristics are those which are hidden and can only be seen with deeper look or understanding.(Gibson, 2002) Arabs are known to be strict followers of Islam and follow a conservative way of life one way is that Muslim men and women do not socialise openly. Interculturalists mention that there is a range of culture such as; gender, age, religion, regional and class culture (Garson, 2002). This suggests that people from the same or similar back ground integrate with individuals who share or have the same ethnics, social class, age and religion. This can be related to typical high schools in the USA , where the upper class or ‘rich kids’ group themselves into the cheerleading team or the football team whereas those from middle class back rounds are either the ‘nerds’ or trying to fit into High school life. In the same way people consciously join groups with those who share interests as them in order to feel comfortable with a sense of identity and belonging. My culture reflects the various ways I express myself, however throughout my childhood I had a different culture that was more traditional and now that I am my own individual I have grown and been influenced by enlightened ideas and theories. Due to this I am able to make my own choices, opinions and decisions in
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