Human Culture : Violent Culture And Violence Towards Native Americans

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Violent Culture Violence is something that has been in human culture for a long time. From Colonization times to the founding of America, violence has been displayed and accepted in the process. For example, When Europeans started to colonize America, violence towards Native Americans was used and accepted in order to achieve success. Violent methods have been regularly used in order for people and countries to achieve higher success in what they seek. In protecting a nation from other threats, violence has been the accepted way to handle disputes between nations through war. Through war from past history, violence is nothing new to us. Violence has always been a means to solving disputes. Disputes are something common humans have dealt with when conflicts arise between one another. Violence has been incorporated into disputes in order to resolve conflicts. From individuals settling individual disputes, political parties achieving success, to rivalry gangs fighting over territory, violence has been a means to an end in more then one situation in cultural history. In an article by Dirk Enzmenn on comparing youth violence trends in Europe, he found that Russia was the most accepting country towards using violence as a way to resolve issues. Youth have been witnesses to this violence and surrounded by it their whole lives. We in general have all been surrounded by a violent culture for as long as we can remember. As discussed earlier, violence surrounds youth on a daily
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