Human Development And Identity Development

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In the following essay I will be discussing two particular aspects of human development and behavior; personality and identity. I will then demonstrate an understanding of two psychological theories which can help understand influences on personality and identity development. Finally, I will look into further detail at Holmes and Rahe and identity two life events which I can relate to the case study and the impact it’s had on the individual. There has been an ongoing debate within society for a long time over the influences of nature vs nurture and which one has the more influential factor on behavior and development. It is a clear fact that Human development and behavior is a complex interrelationship between nature and nurture. Nature relates to the genes in which we inherit from our parents, it mainly focuses on genetics and hereditary characteristics, such as eye colour, hair colour, or inheriting illnesses. Nature can also be referred to as the ‘genotype.’ Nurture relates to social circumstances, such as our upbringing and lifestyle. It looks at the interaction between our genotype and environment. Another term for nurture is known as the ‘phenotype.’ An example of nature vs nurture can be a person who has developed a hereditary diabetes from their parents. Although this has been passed on through the influence of nature we can still use our nurture side to influence change, such as changing diet and lifestyle habits to counteract the diabetes. Looking further into
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