Human Development Culminating Profile : Billy Milligan

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Human Development Culminating Profile Lyn lesi Yang Billy Milligan is a murder who has 24 kinds of different personality and he was the first person diagnosed with multiple personality disorder to raise such a defense.  Biological Beginnings (Birth – 1 year)(c1,c3)  Course topic:  Physical development  The factor that affect physical development  Life events  His parents were divorce.  Billy 's birth father was alcoholism. (which must effect fetus physical). (Phillips, 2007) His parents were divorce when he was a baby. The unluckily marriage make the pregnant be down in spirits which may make a deep influenced on fetus (Phillips, 2007). If the mother is sad and nervous, it will make her endocrine disorder. Then endocrine secretion some toxin into the blood .The toxin that it secretion can stop the development of baby nervous system and endocrinium. Showing by the neurology and neuroimaging research, the patient have shrinking brain tissue of temporal lobe, frontal lobe and limbic system. Billy has multiple personality disorder which was affected by his depressed mother (Dr.Wen, 2014). There was another reason that Billy had multiple personality disorder. Billy 's birth father was alcoholism. There was a compare experiment show that the normal rate of sperm morphology of drinking father are 6 percent lower than not drinking father (Zhu,Shi,Xie, 2013). Alcohol makes deep and terrible effects on the fetus. Alcohol will make the man androgen level reduced. Drinking

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