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Human Development James West PSY/280 September 26 2012 Robert Keele Human Development Human growth and development starts from the moment a child is conceived and continues until the day we die. There are many different stages of development all depending on the person’s beliefs on how we develop. All theories explain a specific growth and development for a specific time for an individual starting from birth to the time of their death. Not all the theories are agreed on because they are based on different individuals erase each and findings, and the time that the theory was developed. In this paper we will break down three of them. The first one is the infancy part of life and how Erik Erikson viewed the development.…show more content…
We learn to depend on other people to eat and drink, and learn to start to depend on people. Another stage in human growth and development is called the phallic stage. Sigmund Freud believed this stage took place from the age of three to six years old. This is the stage that children become more aware of the sexual regions of their bodies. Not only do they become more self aware but also start to notice their parents and kids around them. This helps them learn the difference in “boy” or “girl” male or female. During this stage it is not uncommon for a child to hook them self onto the parent of opposite sex and start a rivalry with the parent of the same sex (Garcia, 1995). “Individuals who show higher levels in phallic stage of psychosexual development fixation are more likely to develop sexually” (“ Sexual Compulsivity, Promiscuity and Phallic Stage of Psychosexual Development Fixation. ,” 2012, para. 3). Intimacy versus isolation is stage six in Erik Ericksons eight stages of human development. This stage takes place from approximately 19-40 years of age (Orlofsky, Marcia, & Lesser, 1973). The big question that people face in this stage is will I be loved or will I be alone. During this stage people start to develop more long term relationships. Friendship, dating, marriage and family play a big role in the happiness of this stage. This is when we leave the people that we grew up with and start our own lives. By establishing
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