Essay on Human Development and Breastfeeding

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With all the technology advancements nowadays, people have more access to knowledge of the world including of the benefits of many procedures and patterns of human nature that are extremely important to our development. It is important that everyone has access to information about the benefits of the human instinct that is most essential to human development, and that is breastfeeding. “Breastfeeding is the single most effective nutrition intervention for saving lives. If practiced optimally, it could prevent 1 million child deaths each year” (Nutrition in the First 1,000 Days: State of the World’s Mothers, 2012, 2012).
Breastfeeding can be defined as the feeding of an infant baby with breast milk directly from their mother’s breasts instead of using infant formula. Breastfeeding is far more important and crucial than many people suspect, it provides not only nutritious benefits to the baby, but it is also essential for their psychological development and it also benefits the mother in many ways. The importance of breastfeeding is supported by the attachment theory that shows how it contributes to a healthy mother-infant relationship.
Nutrition in the first two years of a baby’s life is extremely crucial because the baby’s brain and body are growing exceptionally fast. Breastfeeding offers the right nutrition babies need to grow healthy because the breast milk contains the correct balance of fat and protein, it ensures nutritional completeness as the iron it contains is…

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