Human Differences Between Human And Artificial Intelligent Conversations

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A Turing test is the process of a human distinguishing the difference in answers when conversing with both a Cleverbot and a human, however is unaware of the questions that have been answered by the human and which have been answered by artificial intelligence. This test is also to find out if Artificial intelligence responds similar enough that it is equivalent or indistinguishable. Example: We carried out this investigation to see what would happen and to see if it is easy enough to distinguish the difference between human and artificial intelligent conversations. A certain human was picked to complete the Turing, as he was the one capable of asking the questions. The importance of him asking the questions was because we needed a person to begin the conversation, and also to make sure that the investigation was fair. Here are the results: Human conversing with Human Questionnaire: - Human Questionnaire: Hey! How are you? - Human: I 'm good. How about you? - Human Questionnaire: I 'm ok thank you. - Human: That’s nice what’s your name? - Human Questionnaire: My name if Joffrey, what about you? - Human: My name is Robin. - Human Questionnaire: That’s a cool name, my sister is called Robin - Human: Do you like your sister? - Human Questionnaire: No, she is loud and annoying - Human: How old is she? - Human Questionnaire: She is 8. - Human: Yeah that’s an annoying age. How old are you? Human conversing with Artificial intelligence/Cleverbot: - Human Questionnaire: Hey! How are
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