Human Dignity

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Our existence as human being is complementary with our missions or goals in life. It somehow tells us what we want, what we need, and what we aspire of in due period of time. Personally, I do believe that those reasons of our existence, being alive, here and now are primarily based on that goal. Unless we might say, it is the need of the rope. Stop! And life is just until there. Absolutely, it could not be. If then, one might be foolish to do or to be such. Most probably, the way we crave for something that will fulfill our existence could be based on palpable experience, external things. In usual and plebeian way of life, it is actually true and might be for it manifests giving value by fulfilling all the potentialities that we have given …show more content…
We cannot think that they are mere thing, object or means in achieving our goals. Respect on their nature is much important and that really matters on the person. Unlike things, their worth is not sporadic state rather it is interminable ulterior possession. For the things or material goods, these are just spasmodic desires that the boundaries of worth will lost when no one will desire on these things.

Hence, human dignity is innate in us. It is intrinsic attributes within us. It speaks of what we are, who we are and determines or guides how we might live in, live by, live for. Without this, we are nothing; we are empty. Sometimes, this realm seems to be impractical. Our day to day experience of life will somehow attest that these are opposite to what kind of dealings we apply with others; it seems that it is too idealistic kind of reality. It might be so stupendous scene of life. It’s good but it is not usual that we do. If we do then, yet in other way around, is it justifiable? does it subvert or overthrow our dignity as human being?

Typically, when I go to school, I have that goal to study, to learn or to experience what life is. My teachers or my instructors are persons, human beings. Thus, they must be treated as a person not as a mere object. But sometimes, when I try to scrutinize some points, ponder and reflect on it, I tend to realize and discover that I use them as my means to achieve my goals. Really, they are and

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