Human Diversity: Islam, Santería and Judaism Essay

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The topic I chose to write about that interest me the most is religion. I chose religion because there are lots of differences when it comes to religion and cultures. I felt it was important to acknowledge three religions that our practiced today. The religion groups I chose to discuss in my paper are the Muslims, Santeria and Judaism . Lets begin with Muslims. A Muslim can be defined as a believer in or follower of Islam. The word Muslim is an Arabic word that means one who submits to God. The holiest book for the Muslims is called the Koran. Muslims worship in a mosque and are led by an ayatollah. They do not eat pork products. Any meat must come from a herbivorous animal that has been slaughtered by a Muslim. Muslim women cover…show more content…
The second ritual medio asiento the person goes through consultation with a santero to discuss the persons past, present and future life. The third ritual is called receiving the warrior. In this ritual the person receives objects from their babaalawo that represent the warriors. The last ritual is asiento (ascending the throne). This is the most important and secretive ritual in santeria. This is when a person wears all white clothes. In this religion drums are only used by men and must be treated with respect. For example, dancers must never turn their backs towards the drums while dancing, it is considered disrespectful (Robinson, 2009). Last but not least, Judaism comes from the Hebrew word Yehudah meaning Judah. It is the religion and way of life for the Jewish people. Judaism is considered to be the oldest religion. The Hebrew Bible is called the Torah. A synagogue is their place of worship and their services are led by a rabbi. You can be born Jewish or you can convert. There are 14 million Jews worldwide. About 42% are in Israel and about 42% are in the U.S. The remaining Jews are spread worldwide. The spoken language of the Jews is Hebrew. Men wear a small beanie on their head called a kippa while praying, eating or saying blessings. Jews have kosher diets. They can eat chicken and turkey but not pig. The Jewish religion celebrates their own holidays and special days such as Passover, Yom Kippur and Hanukkah. Imagine receiving

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