Human Diversity

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Human Diversity Human diversity is immense and rich with different varieties of people and cultures. With billions of people walking the earth today, there are thousands of different races, cultures, sub-cultures, values and religions. At times most were once separated by either vast bodies of water and land or borderlines drawn out by the many different kingdoms and civilizations. Over the centuries with great triumphs in human exploration, technologies and politics, people began to amalgamate. Although invisible lines of beliefs and age old conflicts have kept most cultures separate for the most part people have always found a way to mingle and co-exist. Human diversity is the difference among people and how those differences make an…show more content…
Whereas men are more likely to be more active parents and homemakers then their fathers were.(Pearson 21) Over the years in America and abroad woman have frequently fought for equal rights such as voting, education and equal pay. In America, thanks to the 19th amendment passed in 1920 which gives woman the right to vote, The Womans Educational Equity Act of 1974 which gives woman the right to attend any school without persecution and The Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009 which gives woman a leg up in their fight for equal pay, woman in America are well on their way to finally having the equal rights that they deserve. Another common taboo found in many cultures around the world and has become a hot topic in present day America, is homosexuality and same sex marriages. In most cultures around the world it is considered blasphemy for any persons male or female to be wed or court a person of the same sex. Homosexuality has become more accepted in recent years, with multiple states now allowing same sex marriages. In other countries around the world same sex marriages have already been recognized. Countries such as, Netherland, Belgium, France, Spain, Canada, The list goes on. Even with these great triumphs for equal rights, homosexuals usually suffer deep depression and repeal with in them themselves, as they seek
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