Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research

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President Obama’s Executive Order 13505 allows the Federal Government to fund stem cell research through the National Institute of Health. There are various types of stem cells, but the policy issue mainly covers human embryonic stem cells. This policy revokes President George W. Bush 's executive order 13435 which put heavy limitations on federal funding for stem cell research. Although this policy has already taken effect, there are still bans and immense regulation on particular methods of human embryonic stem cell extraction that involve the destruction of embryos. This in some ways is good because it encourages scientists to find ways to utilize stem cells unique pluripotency or ability to become any cell without the destruction of live embryos. My recommendation is to create modifications to slightly intensify but mostly fortify this policy so that it may not be rescinded in the future.

Policy Identification and Explanation President Obama’s Executive Order 13505 is a federal policy executed on March 9, 2009. It states that it shall ixnay the previous preventions or barriers on human embryonic stem cell research. Stem cells have proven themselves to be highly controversial. Most of the variance is generated from the problems this policy has with human ethics. The last federal policy enacted by a President consisted of stem cell research being derived by ethically responsible techniques so that there will be no violation of human life (Bush,
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