Human Emotions and Cognition Essay

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The human emotion of expressions has three major functions. They contribute to the opening and ruling of emotion experiences; they communicate something about internal states and intentions to others; and they activate emotions in others, a process that can account for angry, aggressive and violent behaviour (Macropaedia 1992: 18: 248). This essay will consider the meaning of anger, aggression and violence in terms of emotion and the activation, structure and functions of them culturally, environmentally and socially. Anger, aggression and violence are three intense sources of emotion and emotional expression, which psychologically are defined as a state of feeling. These feelings often include action tendencies and tend to trigger …show more content…
Aggression is generally seen as an act of attack involving hostility from an individual or group of people. Typically, it is used for such acts as can be assumed to be motivated by any of the following: (a) fear or frustration; (b) a desire to produce fear or fight in others; or (c) a tendency to push forwards ones own ideas or interests. Ethologists as an evolutionarily determined (‘instinctive’) pattern of reaction to specific stimuli such as invasion of territory or attack upon offspring; those with a Freudian orientation treat it as a conscious manifestation of Thanatos (the hypothesised death instinct); Alder’s followers regard it as a display of the will to power, the desire to control others; those who tie together the notions of aggression and frustration define it as any response to a frustrating situation and social learning theorists view aggressive acts as responses learned through observation and imitation of others and subsequent reinforcement of such behaviour. Commonly these acts of aggression stem from the emotional state of anger with a direct intent to harm a victim of any description be it another human, physical object or so on. Aggression can be fear induced; being an action induced by extreme fear, as when a normally humble person cornered by a predator such as an abusive parent suddenly turns on it and attacks. Aggression can also be induced, which is seen as an artificial
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