Human Error Theory in Health Care

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Introduction Patient safety is a basic standard of health care. Every step in health care service contains intrinsic unsafe factors .The combination among newest technologies, health innovations and treatments have introduced a synergistic development in health care industry, and transformed it into more complex field. This rise health safety risks which may result from problems in practice, procedures and medicine etc .This Essay will discuss the relationship between human factors and patient safety. Definitions “Patient safety is the reduction of unnecessary harm associated with healthcares to acceptable minimum “(Runciman ,Hibbert , Thomson , Der Schaaf , Sherman ,Lewalle , 2009) Human error in health care can be observed by two…show more content…
According to Reason’s interpretation for the concept of error (1990), it is “the failure of a planned action to be completed as intended – without the intervention of some unforeseeable event; or the use of a wrong plan to achieve an aim.” This definition was somehow subjected to varied reactions, while some accepted this possibility of the error while others thought it was only a pretext for the mistakes done in a medical scenario. Though in the contemporary context this Human Error Theory has gained popularity because the same has been highly in relevance to the Norman’s idea of error, and thus these perspectives which have been built are the ‘Human Factors’ (Carayon, 2008) Further many factors have been analysed with relation to the same theory like the slips and the lapses from the memory, the mental performance etc (Carayon, 2008). The same theory is widely accepted because of the precise description for the human factors but still the same remains vulnerable to the criticism. The same effectively brings out that the nursing is an important factor in healthcare but there can be chances for human fallibility where even the same system can fail to acknowledge those how such errors can be avoided. But the critique of the same has been there on building up the counter-argument that the job of nursing accompanies humanities, therefore the basic human factors which can be controlled like the

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