Human Evolution Essay

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Human Evolution

When people take a look at African history in general many topics and ideas come to mind. How the people of Africa lived, how they developed civilizations and cultures, and how their oral traditions came about are just a few examples. When I am trying to learn about different groups of people and different areas of the world I most likely start at the very beginning of their existence. Africa being the origin of man and the home for the majority of developments of early humans suggests that human evolution is an extremely import topic in African history today. Keeping this in mind it is obvious that if any elements from our African Civilizations class should be required taught in U.S. high schools, the origin of man
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These were vital to their progress, transformation to humans, and were evident during the early ape, Australopithecus as well as the later Homo existence. Even though there have been many archaeological findings that have provided useful information on this subject, there is still a lot that remains unanswered. There still remains a missing link in the change from monkeys to humans.” Recent research, however, has provided so many ‘links’ in the form of fossil evidence that one scholar has remarked:” It would be far more truthful to say that it is the chain that is missing whilst the links exist.”(( Posnanksy in Zamani, 1974, pg.53) -Shillington 2). If America wants to make progress in this area, requiring this subject to be taught in high schools would be a very positive step. The more students that are educated about evolution at a young age, the more there will be who seek professions in this field as adults. A new generation of talented and highly qualified scientists in this area would propel the world closer to finding explanations and answers in the future.

Even though no one can see or feel it, we as humans are in the process evolving right now. Human evolution is inevitable, and will not stop unless the world comes to an end. Learning about human evolution, in a since, is learning about yourself and how we came to be. Keeping this in mind, I feel that students
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