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Medical technology has greatly affected human evolution over the years due to recent discoveries and enhancements. Some of the main effects it has had on human evolution are the curing of diseases, living longer, and reproducing later. This report will discuss how and why medical technology has been developed, how it affects human evolution in the past, present and future. In the past many lives ended due to there being a lack in medical technology and knowledge. But over time, generation after generation, knowledge was passed down and medical technology advanced each time to help fight against illnesses and saving people from serious injuries, etc. Medical technology has immensely affected the evolution of humans.
Human advancement is the
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Thousands kicked the bucket each year from them. As immunizations were created and turned out to be broadly utilized, rates of these diseases declined until today a great number of them are about gone from the world. (Denson, 2015) In 1921, more than 15,000 Americans died because of diphtheria before there was immunizations. Now only one instance of diphtheria has been accounted for to the CDC since 2004. An epidemic of rubella (German measles) in 1964-1965 contaminated 2 and a half million Americans, slaughtered 2,000 infants, and brought about 11,000 premature deliveries. (Denson, 2015) In 2012, just 9 instances of rubella were accounted for to the CDC. This is also shown by the average future towards the start of the twentieth century was 47.3 years. After a century, that number has expanded to 77.85 years, because of the improvement of immunizations and different medicines for deadly illnesses. Regardless of the achievement of immunizations, only one of these disease, smallpox, has been eradicated from the globe. (Denson, 2015) As a result of antibodies, 12 lethal sicknesses can be cured including the chicken pox, diphtheria, Invasive H. influenza, Malaria, Pneumococcal infections, polio, typhoid fever, Yellow fever and smallpox. Immunizations is one of the best leaps forward in improving modern medicine. No other medicinal intercession has accomplished more to save lives and enhance the quality of life. (Denson,
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