Human Exercises : Natural State Of The Type Specific Aquatic Habitat

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Ecological integrity perceived as the ‘maintenance of all internal and external processes and attributes interacting with the environment in such a way that the biotic community corresponds to the natural state of the type-specific aquatic habitat, according to the principles of self-regulation, resilience and resistance’. 1.3 pdf

Human exercises may make changes to natural land and may modify the structure, synthesis, capacity and composition of an environment. This can make it more troublesome or even incomprehensible for an ecosystem.
Furthermore, ecological integrity the segments that must be available are the living beings and groups of creatures, and also physical components, for example, water, soils, and courses of action, photosynthesis, backwoods progression and supplement cycling, which are normal in environments that are undisturbed or insignificantly bothered by human activity.

An ecological system or species has integrity or is viable when its dominant ecological characteristics (e.g., elements of composition, structure, function, and ecological processes) occur within their natural ranges of variation and can withstand and recover from most perturbations imposed by natural environmental dynamics or human disruptions. Measure pdf (Parrish et al., 2003)
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