Human Existence Is Dependent On Water

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Human existence is dependent on water; without it we simply cannot survive. But what is water? “Water is defined in Chambers Science and Technology Dictionary (Chambers, 1988) as a colourless, odourless, tasteless liquid comprising the chemical elements of hydrogen and oxide.” (Stookes, 2009, p. 328) Approximately 70% of the Earths’ surface is covered in water, however only around 2.5% of this is fresh water which is fit for human consumption, and of this 2.5% less than 1% is accessible. See (Change, 2006). Therefore it is imperative that the fresh water supplies which human existence relies so heavily upon are kept free from pollution in all its forms. UK Law Currently “Defra and the National Assembly for Wales (NAW) are responsible for all aspects of water policy in England and Wales, including water supply and resources and the regulatory systems for the water environment and the water industry”. (Stookes, 2009, p. 329) However within the UK, laws to protect water supplies can be seen as far back as 1875 with the Public Health Act and the Rivers Pollution Prevention Act 1876. It is from 1868 that the first precedent case relating to water pollution can be found with the case of Rylands v Fletcher. The pollutant in this case was not a dangerous substance but water itself in large quantities. “This historical reference highlights that water is a valuable resource that requires protection and conservation but that it can also be a source of pollution, e.g. in cases of
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