Human Experiences In American Literature

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In American Literature we discussed moments of empathy for the three books we read and how they related and reminded us of human experiences we had. As we read the books we choose a few situations from each classic novel that related to our personal human experience. In the first book we read, Huckleberry Finn, Widow Douglas was trying to teach Huck about Moses, a Bible character (14). This really reminded me of most of my childhood, because I always grew up going to church. At church and Sunday school they would always teach us about Bible characters too, including Moses. I can understand or relate with Huck cause I grew up being taught about the same things.

Another situation that reminded me of my childhood was when Huck and Tom go around
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This showed Jordan’s carelessness for valuable things, this also reminded me of a friend I had that his dad would buy him really nice expensive things and he would trash them. His dad once bought him a $200 hockey stick and he broke it in a week. This just showed the carelessness in Jordan and my friend Dave.

The third and final book we read was The Catcher In The Rye. The situation that reminded me of a human experience was when Holden talks about Allie’s baseball glove and how it had significance to Holden cause Allie had died. This reminded me of a dresser that me and my grandpa fixed up a couple weeks before he passed away. It like the baseball glove is just an object, but still has sentimental value, like the glove had value to Holden. I learned something from each book we read. From the first book Huckleberry Finn I learned that you as a person should have your own opinion on things and not just go with what everybody says (racism). For the second book The Great Gatsby I learned that human wants and desires are never satisfied for some people even if they are wealthy. From the third book The Catcher in The Rye I learned that some parts of being an adult aren’t as great as they seem. Overall I liked the books we read and I learned something from every
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