Human Extinction Is Necessary For The Survival Of Nature

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Since the birth of humanity, humans have deeply relied on nature. From the food that is consumed to the water that is drunk, all of it was provided by nature. As time proceeds, humanity has grown proportionally with its expansion and consumption. It is believed by many that the tipping point at which nature can sustain humanity will be reached. The only way to help nature is the extinction of the leach that feed off it, which means the extinction of humanity. Human extinction is necessary for the survival of nature. With the constant energy usage, expansion (migration), and population growth, extinction is seen as the only way to help the environment and save what has given us life to begin with. With the growth of cities and conversion of forests to homes, nature has no way to help itself. Thus, being the only living creature consciously able to react on nature’s behalf, it is the responsibility of humanity to save nature. In the 21st century, a stagnate society cannot function.. Namely, with the constant expansion of technology and in cities, humanity is required to use large amounts of energy to function. New York City’s population increased 400,000 in just four years. The reason for this increase is because technology is always improving the way of life in large cities. If technology like plumbing and fast/reliable transportation did not exist New York City would reach a pike of growth. This pike is the limit of New York City to sustain those living inside its walls.…

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