Human Face Expression Capture And Virtualization On Iphone

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Human Face Expression Capture and Virtualization on iPhone Jixian Ma Abstract—This paper purposes to implement iOS class CIImage into a face detection and human face expression capture and virtualization. With the front camera on iPhone, we are able take photos and record real-time videos. We use the front camera on iPhone to capture human face and build a virtualized face on screen to mimic the real-time expression of the human face in front of the screen. We create an interesting virtualized face on screen and then evaluate the accuracy of human face expression capture using camera with the framework CoreImage. Index Terms—iOS application, face detection, CoreImage framework, human expression capture. I. BACKGROUND T HE…show more content…
1. Process of data transmitting in this software[6] In order to avoid taking too much time on main thread, we need to build up a buffer that store video data stream temporarily and then put these image data into face detector to do some image processing. After that, information that was detected will be transmitted to the first view to control the movement of that virtualized face. For now, there have been several kinds of face recognition applications online, however, most of them are used for capturing face when taking photos. There are also some application to create the illusion of real 3D on iOS devices[8] .There is still no try on virtualization of human expression application. II. PROJECT PLAN A. Subject Searching During this period, I analyze the possibility of implementing human face expression and decide the topic of this project. The deadline for searching project topic is October 23rd. B. Initial Literature Search and Reading Searching on the relative class reference to use camera on iPhone[7] and reading materials on face recognition and expression recognition[6]. The deadline for collecting and reading reference materials is November 5th. C. Program Work and Result Evaluation Goal of this period is to complete programming and debugging then figure out the way to optimize the result. The final aim of this project is to virtualize human expressions on iPhone. Realizing this function and build up demo for this project.

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