Human Factors Of An Engineering Design Process

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1. Provide a brief discussion of the main points in this article
Human factors or ergonomics is beneficial when it is incorporated in the early stages of an engineering design process because it focuses on improving worker efficiency which leads to a better engineering design and business performance. HF specialists must try to understand the manufacturing/industry process, engineering production design issues and corporate strategies so they can effectively link them with human factors and work with engineers to adapt tools and techniques to include human factors. By conducting a planned research, the team was able to: a) Help human factors specialists and engineers to overcome their differences of educational backgrounds,
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“Engineers in new product realization mostly didn’t know what the human factors specialists could offer or how to engage them” (p. 37).
Information processing approach characterizes thinking as the environment providing an input of data. The information can be stored, retrieved and transformed by our senses using mental programs with the results being behavioral responses.
The conception of the human as an information processing system is invaluable for the investigation of human factors issues because it meets the requirement of allowing human machine performance to be analyzed in terms of the same basic functions.
The human factors specialists can input bring this valuable knowledge of information processing approach in the design of assembly line design because efficient assembly line design not only requires efficient machinery but also efficient human operators for overall production and quality.

3. What links to Human Factors were realized on the merged map? How do they relate to class concepts?
The links to Human Factors that were realized on the merged map are described as the five tools adapted for human factors, which were integrated into various stages of production design. These tools were HF pFMEA, HF DFA targets, HF DFF targets, Workstation layout template, and HF kaizens. The linkage between the human factors concept of “reducing fatigue” and the strategic goal of
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