Human Factors Of Starbucks.

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Elesia Stubblefield
Human factors final
June, 22, 2017
Human Factors of Starbucks Starbucks is a american coffee company or coffeehouse chain and was founded in Seattle Washington in 1971 by English teacher Jerry Baldwin, history teacher Zev Siegl, and writer Gordon Bowker("Starbucks." Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, 21 June 2017. Web. 23 June 2017). The company became so popular they now how stores all over the world.

Starbucks at 1223 SW Wanamaker Road, 400 Topeka 66604 is part of a large shopping area and has 15 employees; additionally it is right next to Sports Clips and Check n Go. Starbucks is well known for its coffee but that is not all they sell, all stores have a wide variety of baked goods, black coffee, black tea,
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The lighting inside is mostly natural light, in the entrance there are three big five big windows which surround most the seating area which make it pretty bright inside especially with all of the lights inside that are on at all times. The environment in his building is very calm, there are few conversations going on, generally people are there working, not very many people come to hang out in this space. The acoustics in this building are horrible in my opinion and it needs to be fixed. With the noises from the coffee makers, loud music playing throughout the store and people having conversations the only thing they have to help with the acoustics of the place are acoustic ceiling tiles.
The owner was drawn to this location because it was close it was to the highway and that it was in the middle of a the biggest shopping area in topeka and it is only about a fifteen minute drive from both sides of town which is convenient for those who live here. The location of this store also has some drawbacks, since it is in the middle of a big shopping area they are always busy and having a drive through just makes the job that much harder. Which is the result of one of their future goals for this business or space. Many customers complain about the wait in the drive through and the work area for the employees is the problem. The work area for the employees is in a L shape which can get very crowded and make it hard for the employees to get orders out
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