Essay on Human Factors and Work Performance

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Leadership for Quality, Effectiveness and Safety in Health Care Unit Number: 400777 First Assignment: Critical Appraisal Student’s Name: Mithun Pathakamuri Student ID: 18225163 Unit Coordinator: Dr. Jan Sayers Human factors include organisational, environmental and job factors, and human and individual characteristics. These factors influence the behaviour at work which can influence people’s health and safety (Human Factors in Patient Safety Review of Topics and Tools, 2009). Work performance determines the quality and quantity of work expected from each employee. Acknowledgement of the relationship between human factors, work performance, patient safety and quality in healthcare can promote a positive work environment. This…show more content…
There is evidence for specific relationship between communication, trust, and organisational openness. Managers develop trust among employees to meet organisational goals. Top management of an organisation always depends on their supervisors for an effective communication between management and employees. While workers depend on top management to set the strategy and determine methods for organisational achievement, managers must be trusted to show workers the association between workers' tasks and the organisational objectives and to give more particular and high standard information required to perform their jobs well (Thomas, Zolin, & Hartman, 2009). Openness is a key element of communication to predict one’s level of involvement in a work. Therefore, if an employee sees the organisation is a free place to express himself, he is more likely to be involved in the organisational goals and this could foster a better work environment. (Thomas, Zolin, & Hartman, 2009). The other important factor that can influence the behaviour at work is an individual’s personality. An individual with proactive personality is said to change his work environment, identify opportunities in his organisation, take action and utilize them to bring a meaningful change whereas the other individuals simply adapt, react and change according to their work environment. Most of the studies suggest a person with proactive personality
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