Human Freedom, Consciousness, And Reality

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Human Freedom, Consciousness, and Reality There are a number of situations in which reasonable minds can disagree. Businesses normally face such situations. For example, a company situated in country A may be selling clothes from country C. It happens that the media has been criticizing the company for selling products, which are believed to be produced by children. Suppose the company conducts research and find out that the clothes it is selling are made by children. The investigations also shows that it is not the girls fault nor is the company’s fault to have the girls who are still young employed in such a company. It also shows that the society does not educate girls beyond the sixth grade. To worsen the situation,, the researcher found that the society is poor and cannot provide the basic needs to the young girls. The respondent reveals “if you shut this plant down, you will literally take food off the table for these families and that there are no other opportunities in the town.” This means that preventing the employment of young girls would cause more problems than improve their situation. On the other hand, laws from country A may prohibit the child labor. Some thinkers may believe that the young children should be allowed to go to school. This is because it is their legal rights. However, if legal measures are taken and that the girls are prevented from working in the factory, it will not assist them but instead cause more problems. For example, forcing them to
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