Essay on Human Gene Therapy

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Human Gene Therapy Imagine this, you have just married your college sweetheart this past summer. You have now been happily married for over a year and you find out that the two of you are going to be parents. So as the typical soon to be mom and dad so commonly do, the two of you start going to the doctor for checkups to make sure the pregnancy is running smoothly. Early in the pregnancy you hear the worst, your baby has a fatal disease. The two of you are terribly heart broken over the situation. You tell your doctor that abortion is out of the question because you do not believe in it. On the other hand the doctor hits you with the question, "What about gene therapy?" Unfortunately you and your spouse look dumbfounded at each other…show more content…
Gene therapy techniques consist of several key elements. An important element, actually one of the most important elements is the identification and cloning of the gene or genes related to the disease, which is going to be maintained or treated by gene therapy. However, gene therapy should not be confused with the concept of cloning. Cloning is creating another individual with essentially the same genetic makeup. The idea of cloning an entire human is very different from gene therapy. Next the expression and efficiency of gene transfer during gene therapy must be emphasized. Scientists involved with gene therapy research are currently trying to discover the best rates of gene transfer and tissue-specific gene expression. Gene therapy research is still in the formative stages. Although a number of early human clinical trials have been initiated to test important concepts that have emerged. The genes we inherit from our parents virtually affect every human disease. The argument for gene therapy lies in the understanding of the genetic basis of human disease. There are an amazing 100,000 individual genes in the human genome. At the present time there is an international movement known as the Human Genome Project. The project will eventually provide an understanding of how each gene plays a role in human lives. The project
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