Essay about Human Genetic Engineering

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Introduction What if you could design your child before it was even born? What if you could cut out any life threatening diseases, make sure that your child is not susceptible to smoking addictions or alcoholism, and then make your child genius? Would you? Are you asking yourself how this could be done? Have you ever considered human genetic engineering? What is Human Genetic Engineering? Lets start by looking at the cell and the source of heritable traits. We know that all organisms are made up by cells and that new cells can only spring from existing cells. Cell growth depends upon the production of new cells and within each cell exists DNA. DNA contains the hereditary instructions need for each organism to grow and …show more content…
Historically humans have ignored the risks of their actions. We are toolmakers. We are constantly altering our environment to heighten our outlook for a better life. Are we ready to face the possible consequences of the future? Time will only tell. The Dark Side A genetically engineered product is anything that had been developed by altering its DNA in some way. But do we have the right to do such a thing? There are numerous problems with gene therapy and DNA manipulation. Can we play God? What guarantees can we truly give? What about the possible mutation? What about possible prejudice and discrimination? What effects would cloning have on an individual? Wouldn't loss of genetic variation be a serious problem? Since antibiotic resistance could occur, what happens when a person is sick? What about the unexpected effects? Should we even interfere with nature? All of the above are things that need to be considered before we can truly continue with research and experimentation. There are no guarantees when changing genes. The possible and unexpected mutations, antibiotic resistance, and all other effects are all unknown. There are many questions that must be asked before making any kind of decision towards the future of genetic engineering and towards human kind. We should concern ourselves with the current issues and misfortunes. Scientists
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