Human Genetic Engineering is Morally Justified Essay

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Affirmative—"Human Genetic Engineering is Morally Justified"
"When they are finally attempted…genetic manipulations will…be done to change a death sentence into a life verdict." In agreeing with this quote by James D. Watson, director of the Human Genome Project, I affirm today’s resolution, "Human genetic engineering is morally justified." I will now present a few definitions. Human genetic engineering is the altering, removal, or addition of genes through genetic processes. Moral is "pertaining to right conduct; ethical." Justified is to be "proper; well-deserved." Therefore, something that is morally justified is ethically beneficial. My value today will be cost-benefit justice. When we examine the benefits that human genetic …show more content…

If we negate the resolution today, we stop this research, we stop the chance to cure cancer through genetic engineering, and most importantly, we stop any ability to cure any disease when we are moving towards such a goal.

CONTENTION 2: Human genetic engineering can help prolong life. An example should prove my point. Thanks to genetic engineering, in the future we will be able to clone organs to help people live longer. A person with one kidney could very well clone that kidney through genetic engineering, and end up with two kidneys. This would remove the long waiting lists and the needs for organ donors. People would no longer be turned away because science "couldn’t help them." Genetic engineering would provide organ cloning as a possibility to prevent disease and improve the health of society, when without it, no such possibility could even exist. People would undoubtedly die because genetic engineering wasn’t there to provide that extra kidney, or that replacement heart. But if we affirm the resolution, say that genetic engineering is morally justified, we can cure disease and we can prolong life, and thus the health of society is improved. Such a benefit cannot be ignored, and thus my value of cost-benefit justice is provided for by affirming the resolution.

CONTENTION 3: The possible

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