Human Genetics And Molecular Mechanisms

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Having a childhood friend with an abnormal genetic condition had a significant impact in my life at a very early stage. As a child, I was puzzled with questions about him being different than rest of the children. It was only during my middle and high school that I learnt about genetics and started embracing the concept of DNA and the mutations associated with genes which could lead to abnormal genetic conditions. This little exposure to genetics helped me in understanding why my friend was different from rest of us and motivated me to further pursue my interest in biological sciences.
To learn more about human genetics and molecular mechanisms involved in the various genetic disorders, I decided to pursue a comprehensive undergraduate course at Pt. Ravi Shankar Shukla University, (Raipur, India). My undergraduate studies gave me an opportunity to learn a wide variety of concepts in human genetics along with chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology, and biotechnology. As part of my curriculum, I worked for a summer research project involved with Human Cytogenetics in Genetech which is India’s one of the leading genetic testing laboratory based in Hyderabad. This gave me a hands-on training in handling patients sample and performing karyotyping on the same. During this program, I also got an opportunity to participate in a few genetic counselling sessions which not only made me aware of radical approach the counsellors follow to help the families in understanding the
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