Human Geography And Development Studies

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Both people and the Earth’s natural landscape shape the world; geography helps people understand its effects in the past, present and near future. This essay will examine how both concepts, human geography and development studies and how they share similarities and differences. Human geography is the study of how people interact with their surrounding environment and the impact they have on that specific environment (Murray 2015). Development studies is the process, which involves focusing on improving the quality of human lives and reducing global risks (Amedeo and Harvey). I will examine how these two concepts particularly in the Asian Pacific region.

Geography is the study of the physical features of the earth’s surface and its atmosphere, and how human interaction affects or is affected by these concepts. The essential link between physical and human geography is interaction and how this is achieved sustainably (Amedeo and Harvey). Human geography uses number geographic concepts such as place, scale and space. Human geography can be integrative, as it is divided into many subfields. Human geography’s primary concern, involves spatial differentiation and the organization in relation to human activity through economic, cultural and social divisions (Stupples). Hence human geographers study how the distribution of people and their culture alter and change the environment and the specific location of this process. In order to understand the distribution of people and
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