Human Geography And Development Studies

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In today’s world people, places, societies and environments are constantly changing. Both natural and human created events, shape the world and create strong relationships between the environment and society. Human geography and development studies are two fields seeking to analyse these interrelationships and answer key questions about major issues in the world such as poverty, inequality and conflict. Human geography is largely about studying the spatial aspects of relationships between people and society whereas development studies focusses more on the way societies function, focussing on issues such as poverty and inequality as well as the way in which ‘developing’ nations function compared to ‘developed’ nations. Through examples of poverty and inequality this essay will explain the ways in which development studies and human geography overlap and the ways in which they are different in their analyses.
Human geography is defined as “The study of interrelationships between people, places and environment and how these vary spatially and temporally across and between locations” (Castree, Kitchin and Rogers, 2013). It looks at how society shapes the environment and vice versa. Although physical geography and human geography are separate fields they both concentrate on spatial processes; physical geography more on the natural and physical sciences and human geography on the way in which human lives are shaped by processes in nature (Castree et al., 2013). A key principle of
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