Human Habitat And Its Effects On Earth

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Mars Habitat Elizabeth *I know it is too many words but this note and all of the sources added words To sustain a long term human presence on Mars, a standard human habitat would require many things. There are more problematic issues that occur on Mars than Earth. To begin the whole topic, let’s start with our requirements here on Earth. We need food, water, sewage, a source of energy and shelter to survive. On Mars, all of the above is required and more. Astronauts will also need oxygen, air pressure control, communication with those on earth and extra shelter from the climate. If one of these requirements is not met, whomever is on Mars can die. Shelter: On Mars, many environments and climates don’t exist as on Earth so we need to adapt Mars’ habitat so that it can withstand the possible harsh conditions. Strong structures are a necessity because winds and freezing temperatures can destroy the habitat. A habitat on Mars would need to be airtight, sturdy and pumped with breathable air without exploding or leaking. We decided to make our habitat in an underground donut form with separation for separate rooms. The fact that it is underground will help with temperature control and protect from sudden winds and storms. With the
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