Human Health And Coping Styles Of Migrant And Non Migrant Women

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Migration is a complex phenomena in which a person is moved forcibly from his home to some remote place leading to unprecedented changes in his physical and mental health. The present study was aimed to assess the mental health and coping styles of migrant and non-migrant women in Jammu and Kashmir. The total sample for the study consists of (440) women out of which (220) women belongs to Kashmiri migrant from Jammu region (Kashmiri Pandit women migrated to Jammu due to terrorism) and (220) Non migrant women from Kashmir region ( Muslim Women residing in Kashmir). The sample was selected by using the purposive sampling technique. Two age groups of (31-40, younger age group) and (51-60,older age group) were taken both groups have 110…show more content…
and Temowo, A.O,1995). In female Liberian displaced people higher rates of mental issue were found in contrast with non-displaced. They attested that large amounts of worry in them prompt to depression, peptic ulcer, hypertension and other mental issues. In accordance with the present finding of higher anxiety levels in females, Ahern et. al. (2004), and Palmieri, Canetti-Nisim, Galea, Johnson, and Hobfoll (2008) found that the total levels of stress were altogether higher for ladies than for men. It has been contemplated that in the wake of traumatic occasions, males detailed less psychosocial stressors than females.
Post migration variables badly affected individuals living in institutional care, monetarily weaker areas, inside dislodged, aged, ladies and so on. Noteworthy contrasts were found amongst displaced person and non-displaced women, exile females revealed poor psychological well-being in contrast with non-evacuee females. The relative danger of hospitalization for depressive issue was most noteworthy among unemployed worker women.(Porter, M. and Haslam ,N ,2005)
A population based review in 23 European nations demonstrated that the predominance rates of depressive disorders are higher for migrant gatherings than the local populace (Missinne, S., Bracke, P.,2012). Despondency and mental ill wellbeing in migrants can be credited to various conceivable elements, for example, mental and natural weakness,
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