Human Health And Wellness Issues Facing Post Traditional Learners

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of Sight Out of Mind - The Forgotten Student Body

They position themselves in front of devices, laptops, desktops, I Pad, Galaxy Tabs, Kindles and the such, all while simultaneously juggling responsibilities of personal life, school, work, families, financial and societal pressures. Over 89% of institutions offer courses for these students, yet they are a forgotten student body. Many Institutions of Higher learning are lacking in the fiscal infrastructure to support mental health and wellness issues facing post traditional learners. In many cases post traditional students are out of sight and consequently out of mind. For some universities this unique group of students are not only the result of boosting student enrollment but in many cases offering more sustainability for fiscally unstable undergraduate and specialized programs. Ironically, Universities provide post traditional students with little or no attention, support, and coaching strategies for dealing with personal challenges, managing and navigating in and throughout a plethora obligations.

At first glance the idea of students ranging from 30 years old and up needing support with life, time management, mental health and wellness may sound absurd. After all how did these students get this far in the first place. They are a full grown adults, operating in their locus of control, with a modicum of mental wherewithal. Right? You may ponder, what is there to help about?

Well, first, as a post traditional student,
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