Human Health and the Environment Polychlorinated Biphenyls

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Customer Prof Human Health and the Environment PCBs cause a range of problems with people. They can be carcinogenic and cause cancer. They also suppress the immune system. "Studies in animals and humans suggest that long term exposure to PCBs can suppress the immune system."("Wisconsin department of health services") Some PCBs act as hormones and stay in the system. They have a tendency to accumulate in the body. "PCBs alter major systems in the body (immune, hormone, nervous, and enzyme systems); therefore, PCBs affect a wide variety of body organs and functions."(Katers) Most of the threat of PCBs getting in your system is through eating certain foods that may contain PCBs like fish and meat. Some are even found in old fluorescent lights."PCBs can enter the body by eating or drinking contaminated food, through the air we breathe, or by skin contact. PCBs are easily absorbed by the body and are stored in fatty tissue. PCBs are not eliminated well, so they can accumulate in the body." ("Illinois department of public health") They do not leave the body. They accumulate and build up causing even more damage. "Choose fish wisely. In Oregon, there are five fish advisories due to PCBs (Bonneville Dam, Lower Columbia, Columbia Slough, Portland Harbor, and Willamette). Check with state advisories prior to eating sport-caught fish or shellfish, which are known sources of PCB exposure. Commercial fish that are high in PBCs include Atlantic or farmed salmon, bluefish, wild
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