Human Heart Research Paper

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The human heart is one of the most important organs that are in the human body. This organ is necessary for people to be able to live. There are a couple of functions that the heart does that makes it so important. It is responsible for circulating blood in the body, as well as ensuring that the blood pressure is kept at a constant rate. Your heart can be found in the center of your chest. The human heart is divided into four quarters by a strong muscle. The upper portion of the heart is known as the atria, and the lower portion is known as the ventricle.

The human heart is kept well protected by a sac and fluid that cushions it. The sac that the heart is housed in is called the pericardium. Inside the walls of this sac is pericardial fluid, and this fluid is responsible for cushioning the heart. There are three layers that the walls of the human heart are made up of. The wall that is closest to the heart is called the endocardium, and this is the portion that is in contact with the blood. The middle wall is called
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When blood goes into the heart in the right atrium, it has a lot of carbon dioxide in it. The heart transfers the blood into the right ventricle, and then into the lung. This is where the blood is able to receive oxygen, and it also explains why human lungs are an essential organ. The oxygenated blood is then transferred into the left atrium, and finally to the left ventricle. Once the blood is released from the left ventricle, it is circulated throughout the…show more content…
This is because the ventricles are responsible for pushing blood out, and therefore, they need to have enough pressure to be able to accomplish this task. The left ventricle is stronger than the right because it needs to be able to push the blood out into the
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