Human Immunodeficiency Virus ( Hiv )

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Dan McClain is a sheriff in Scott County Indiana who opposed needle exchange programs until there was a surge in human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) outbreaks that were directly influenced by the drug Opana. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) linking a HIV outbreak to Opana usage within Scott County in Indiana causes the need for extreme attention to this prescription pill. In March of 2011 Scott County experienced eight new HIV cases, and just two months later that number had increased to 81 new cases, causing a significant concern for Dan McClain. He is sheriff within Scott County and wanted to know how he could quickly intercept the worst HIV outbreak Indiana had ever experienced. The untimely involvement of Opana’s in conjunction with the HIV outbreaks is causing not only Scott County, Indiana but the United States to become more of aware of the prescription drug abuse that is plaguing our nation. Ironically, two pharmaceutical companies have pleaded guilty of criminal charges that involved deception of marketing drugs. The aforementioned pharmaceutical companies were marketing their prescription drugs as safe. This paper discusses the fascinating elements connected to this emerging prescription drug Opana. HIV Outbreak The CDC has issued a national warning for healthcare providers in the United States to aware of a significant amount of surges in HIV cases. In addition, HIV is not only the potential outbreak that Opana use has influenced, life
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