Human Impact Research Paper

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Human the Greater Impact

Due to human activities, carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has risen extensively since the Industrial Revolution and has now reached dangerous levels not seen in the last three million years. Humans impact climate change every second whether they are, burning fossil fuels and impacting the layers of the earth..

87% of all human produced carbon dioxide emissions come from the burning of fossil fuels like coal, oil, and natural gas. Out of this 87% coal is 43% of that and oil is 36%, and lastly natural gas is 20%. The burning of fossil fuels releases energy which is turned into heat, therefore being released into the atmosphere polluting it. In approximately one year 33.2 billion tons and carbon dioxide emissions were
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Part of the Stratosphere and Troposphere are being the most affected by the carbon dioxide. In the upper Stratosphere and the lower Troposphere is the ozone layer. The Ozone layer helps hold in the heat that the carbon dioxide provides. The Ozone layer blocks heat from the earth's surface and prevents the heat from escaping into outer space. This “insulating” effect is important because without it the surface of the earth would quickly cool down to very cold temperatures at night, overtime without this effect the earth would become unlivable to most life forms. Although as just said, to little of this carbon dioxide trapped heat could lower the earth’s temp to extreme cold temperatures, to much carbon dioxide trapped heat could do just as much damage. To much of this heat would cause basically the exact opposite. All of the heat would be trapped in the Ozone layer and therefore increasing the average global temperature. 75% of all the carbon dioxide that is being trapped in the Ozone layer is from human activities, therefore cutting some of those activities out of our lives can prevent a global temperature…show more content…
Even though there are indeed natural factors the amount of human factors that impact the earth climate change are higher. As said before humans drive cars, burn forests, cut down trees, burn fossil fuels, adding heat trapped emissions into the atmosphere. Even when all the natural and human induced climate drivers are stacked up and compared to one another the accumulation of human released heat trapping gases in the atmosphere are so large that it has very likely swamped other climate drivers. When comparing these two contributions to climate change, natural and human, the human impacts like said before “swamp” the natural.

Whether it is from burning fossil fuels or affecting the earth's layers humans are impacting climate change every second. With all of the advances already occurring in the world there is going to be even more human activities that are going to give off carbon dioxide that heats up and pollutes our atmosphere, and what are us humans going to do to stop
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