Human Impacts That Are Placed On The Beaches And Coast Of Warrnambool

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The topic I have chosen for the assignment is the human impacts that are placed on the beaches and coast of Warrnambool, namely areas around the Merri Island Sanctuary. This also incorporates locations including Stingray bay, the breakwater, Shelly beach and Middle Island. Warrnambool is known for it’s many diverse areas of coastline with many unique beaches; this then brings in various groups of people and tourists in the interest of seeing the beaches or for recreational water activities to Warrnambool. This tourism is positive for Warrnambool economically, but can place a negative effect on the beach environment and the ecosystem. Locations such as the Merri Marine Sanctuary and the area around Shelly beach include a diverse ecosystem and reef area where many rock pools are noted. (Parks Victoria, 2007) Many people come down here to look at the rock pools, but this could harm the invertebrates seen in the reef, as not everyone is aware of this, especially tourists and children. This could include to trampling and picking up creatures, which puts stress on them, some being more vulnerable, then others. It is known that in an environment, anything within it should not be moved as to not make a footprint on that area and within the sanctuary it is not allowed. Within all of these areas, pollution is a huge impact on the environment, which is clearly noticeable. Plastics and clothing have been noted in these reef areas that could harm or kill invertebrates. Without humans

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