Human Incarceration Of African Americans Essay

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As one can see, mass incarceration of African Americans is clearly an injustice that needs to be acknowledged and resolved. In my Social and Economic Justice course, several theorists were discussed about what they considered justice and their methods to reach it. In the following paragraphs, I examine Rawls’, Nozick’s, and Mill’s theories in context with the mass incarceration of African American and explain why their proposed solutions would not be applicable to this injustice. Rawls’ theory consists of imagining oneself in what he calls the Original Position, in which we are all self-interested rational people that stand behind the “Veil of Ignorance. By this, it means that people are motivated to select, in an informed and enlightened way whatever seems most beneficial for themselves. However, due to the Veil of Ignorance we do not know certain things such as our race, age, sex, social class, or physical/mental disabilities; we just are aware of the different scenarios that humans could possible face and the facts of humanity. Rawls believes that by having self-interested rational individuals, masked by the Veil of Ignorance, it would create a fair procedure in which fair principles would be chosen in order to govern the world. With this in mind, Rawls argues that these individuals would choose two principles, Principle of Equal Liberty and Difference Principle, to structure society in the real world. The Principle of Equal Liberty states that each person has an equal
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