Human Induced Global Climate Change. Introduction/Background.

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Human Induced Global Climate Change
Human induced climate change is a major issue that until recent years, has been widely discredited by average citizens. Yet 97% of climate scientist agree that human activities are a major factor in the current climate warming trend (Climate Change Evidence 2017). Avoiding from getting political, with the recent presidential election, the uneducated, general population is going to continue to shift in the belief that climate change is a “hoax”. However, with the issue drawing such national and worldwide attention, this may not be a bad thing. A possible outcome of this is the climate change community could draw more attention allowing for more education on the issue to present
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With more water vapor being released into the Earth’s atmosphere as climate change progresses, causing the rate of global warming to continue to accelerate, working as a positive feedback loop. As climate change continues to progress, sea levels will continue to rise. There are two reasons for the rise. First, offshore ice melts and flows into waterways due to the increase in atmospheric temperature. Secondly, as water temperatures increase, due to its chemical properties will expand at the molecular level. In the last 100 years, sea levels have rose 6.7 inches, which in double that of the previous century (Climate Change Evidence 2017). By 2100, sea levels could increase another one to four feet (Global Climate Change: Effects 2016). A major future effect from climate change in the United States is the amount of precipitation and its patterns. Areas in the United States, like the Midwest, are projected to experience more frequent and heavy rainfall, causing more floods and increase the intensity which could cause damage to infrastructure. While other areas like the southwest will experience major droughts increasing the frequency of wildfires and lack of a water supply (Global Climate Change: Effects 2016). All of the United States is expected to experience intense heat waves that could last weeks at a time.
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