Human Influence On Moose

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Isle Royale is an interesting island, where people can find wolves and moose interacting with little human influence. However, the wolves are inbred and are few in numbers. So, what is going to happen? The wolves might die out. That is the plan of action that humans should take. Human influence shall not happen because this issue was not caused by human influence, the moose already have a population control, and it could hold interesting results. The issue at hand is inbred wolves dying and people did not cause this issue. Therefore, people have no need to try to correct it. Also, letting the inbred wolves die out is not all that bad. They are inbred and have caused their own genetic mutations. These are not good because it causes harm to…show more content…
Also, the warm, simple summers can make a moose forget how to survive the harsh, cold winters. This experiment could hold interesting results. Harsh winters are expected this year. Therefore, ice-bridges may form. That will allow the ‘much needed’ wolves can cross over. However, if the few, measly, inbred wolves already on the island die out and are not replaced, then it will be interesting to see what the moose will do. Their population, on the island, may skyrocket and destroy the island. However, that is doubtable because of the law of supply and demand. The moose demand territory, food and water. They have plenty of water and quite a lot of food but, when it comes to territory, the moose have little. Therefore, there is a limit to the moose population being able to skyrocket. So, some moose will need to flee the island to find a home elsewhere.

Moreover, human curiosity to see what will happen next should far exceed the human need to constantly interfere with what is natural because it was not human caused, the moose already have controlling factors and their could be an interesting ending. Finding out what will happen here, could give people insight on what to do or not do elsewhere in the
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